How coloured window blinds can help to aid sleep

The quality of your sleep depends on many factors. To enjoy better sleep that lasts longer, you should definitely put some thought in the bedroom interior design. The colours of blinds and other accessories can be used to create a peaceful environment that will effectively enhance sleep quality.

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Blue is the colour of serenity

A survey was carried out among 2,000 people in the UK. The researchers were mainly interested in colours used in the bedrooms of a hotel and the effect these had on sleep. Blue bedroom accessories came to the top of the list in terms of colours that could be used to improve sleep quality. On the average, people sleeping in bedrooms having blue blinds and other blue accessories enjoyed seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep. This is longer than the people relying on other colours.

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Blue is a colour that’s often associated with natural serenity. It’s the colour of the sky and the ocean. These invoke chill-out vibes, making it easier for people to fall asleep. The good news is that the market features dozens of blue blinds. From Roman to Venetian and even blackout roll blinds, all of these can enhance the tranquillity of the bedroom. The tones and shades of blue vary, as well, which will enhance the aesthetics of the design.

Yellow is relaxing

The second most relaxing colour after blue is yellow. Researchers have found out that yellow has a calming effect on the nerves. People that have a stressful job and that feel particularly tense can benefit the most from the cheerful and optimistic nature of the colour. Yellow blinds are very warm and warm colours help the body relax. After all, yellow is the colour of the sun and nothing could be more relaxing than that. This colour is a bit more unusual but varieties of yellow blinds do exist. From golden metallic Venetian blinds to citron roller blinds – picking the right variety will depend entirely on your own preference.

Positive green vibes

The colour of grass is also ideal for the creation of a relaxing bedroom. Green is a very soothing colour and people subjected to chronic stress will appreciate its effect. According to sleep experts people in green bedrooms enjoy an average of seven hours and 30 minutes of sleep per night. The number is still pretty good and not far behind the outcome of sleeping in a blue bedroom. Green blinds in pastel tones are best but you can also go for kiwi shades, metallic greens and olive green. Green apple and lime tones are also subdued enough for use in the place where you sleep and enjoy intimate moments with loved ones.

Silver-coloured window treatments are reminiscent of moonlight

It is thought that silver helps people sleep better because it reminds them of the shining moon. Silver bedroom accessories do the trick subconsciously. They send signals to the brain that it’s night time. People that sleep in a silver bedroom enjoy an average of seven hours and 21 minutes of sleep per night, according to a recent survey.

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A few blind and window treatment colours you may want to avoid in the bedroom include red, bright purple, black and intense orange. Having these vibrant colours covering the windows will over stimulate the mind and prevent you from feeling relaxed, making it more difficult to drift into sleep.

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