How do I decide whether to have curtains or a blind at my windows?

Whether it’s bedroom, bathroom, living, room or dining area, your windows usually play a vital, eye-catching, as well as practical role, in the overall interior design scheme of your room - if not sometimes even the centrepiece! – so, getting it right is important. So what do you go for..... curtains or blinds? If it’s a bathroom, kitchen or living room that you’re purchasing for, the window treatment is unlikely to be the most expensive part of your budget compared to big ticket item such as bathtubs, sofas or kitchen appliances, but, is still something that you won’t be planning to change or replace frequently so getting it right and making the right choices is still an important consideration.

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Narrowing down your choice

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the myriad of window treatment ideas available today, but one of the best ways to start narrowing down the choice is to decide whether you want to put curtains or blinds at your windows......or maybe both??? Your decision may largely depend on personal choice or preference and you may already have a clear idea whether you want curtains or blinds. Maybe you’re just a curtains person at heart and wouldn’t normally even entertain the idea of blinds because they’re just not dressy enough for you? Maybe you’re a minimalist at heart and its blinds, blinds, blinds all the way for you for simplicity an ease of use?

The effect of window dressings

But if you’re not sure, then it’s well worth considering that what you do at your windows can instantly update, enhance or dramatically change a room, even if you’re not doing a full re-fit or re-vamp. Adding a stylish pair of curtains for example can add a volume of colour, texture and pattern; or simply bring a colour scheme together to create a well thought out and finished look. At the same time, blinds can add colour and texture and still create an eye catching focal point, but very often with more of a practical edge.

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Your decision may have to be directed by practical considerations such as how much space you’ve got to play with around your windows, which way your windows open or even simply the size of your budget?

Considering your options

It’s well worthwhile considering what you are trying to achieve in the room and then, where possible to choose something that’s going to work well in the space and give you the look you’re after. So here’s a some useful questions to ask yourself to help you on your way to making that decision and choosing what is right for you and your home – curtains or blinds?
  • Or maybe a little of both?
  • Are you after a new style – maybe you want to make an impact with something a little different to the look that you usually go for,  something impressive and eye-catching that will be an important focal or even talking point in the room?
  • Are you looking for practically – something to just provide privacy or blackout, or to suit a moist environment maybe?
  • Do you want to use your window treatment to inject a burst of colour or pattern into an otherwise neutral or bland colour scheme?
  • Or, do you need the solution to be more neutral so you can change your furnishings or accessories more frequently without having to replace the curtains or blinds?
  • Are you trying to keep a room cosy in the evening, are you trying to diffuse strong sunlight in a conservatory, or blackout a child’s bedroom maybe?
  • Do you need to protect valuable paintings or antiques from sun damage, or maybe prevent fading on other furnishings, carpets and flooring?
  • Do you need to keep a very sunny room cool and dim or keep the coldest and drafty-est room in the house warm and insulated, or add a small degree of sound proofing from the road traffic maybe?
  • Do you need privacy for a large, overlooked, patio or do you need to keep as much natural light as possible at a small window with a poor light source?

Taking a few minutes to ask yourself questions like these, considering carefully the room’s purpose and what you need to achieve with your curtains or blinds, will undoubtedly help you to make the right product choice (even if it’s not what you initially thought) ensuring that you find the right solution for your windows and get the most from your curtains or blinds.

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