How to create a child’s custom blind

One of the unique things about Blinds Hut is that we offer our customers the option to create a bespoke roller blind, customised with their name. We have found these are a great product for a Children's room, as they turn a bland and boring blind into a fun and creative style choice for your child. They can add their name to the blind and create something that none of their friends are likely to have. The football shirt blind in particular, is one of our favourites and we're quite proud of the design. If this sounds like something your little one will love, then follow the steps below to create your custom blind:

spaceman blinds

Step one: Go to our printed blind section and find a blind that can be customised, such as our Football shirt printed blinds, Spaceman blinds or Jungle blinds. Once you have found a blind you want, click onto the product.

Step two: Enter your blind measurements, in the same way as you would order a normal made to measure roller blind. Then click Calculate Price.

Step three: On the next page you will see an updated price, based on your size requirements. Next select measurement options (recess size or actual blind size) and control side options (left or right).  These are the standard options for all roller blinds.

Step four: Next lets customise your blind. For the football shirt blind you have two ways to customise the blind, with a name and with a shirt number (1-99). For the Spaceman and Jungle blind, you can only add your name. Each blind type includes specific guidelines on what you can type, word length and special characters, but here is that information for reference:

Personilised Text Your name will appear in capital letters on your desired blind, and we will only print what you type within the personalised text box. For the football printed blinds you will just type the name you want to be printed, then for the Jungle or Spaceman blind you will need to include your name plus an apostrophe and S, or just an apostrophe if your name ends in a S. Examples:

Football Blind: Jonathan, Laura, Thomas, Jess

Jungle Blind: Jonathan's, Laura's, Thomas', Jess'

Spaceman Blind: Jonathan's, Laura's, Thomas', Jess' Different blinds will have different character limits, and this will include all characters you type including special characters. So Thomas' will count as 7 characters, whereas Thomas will only count as 6 characters. Details:

Football Blind: 8 Characters

Jungle Blind: 10 Characters

Spaceman Blind: 9 Characters

Step five: Once you have decided on your customised text and for the football blind shirt number, then you can add the blind to your basket. Before you do this just make sure you have followed the guidelines exactly and are completely happy with your customised text.

Step six: Now that your blind is in the basket, click on the basket icon at the top of the page and complete your order as per usual. You will need to confirm you are happy with the product by clicking Proceed To Checkout. After doing this you will just need to fill out your details, including delivery details and make a payment.

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