How to fit a blind to a skylight

Firstly you need to establish the brand of your skylight window, the first supplier that comes to mind is Velux. But there are other suppliers on the market. It tells you the manufacturer on the inside of the opening on an identification plate. The blind has to be in the open position to read this. This is important as you need the code supplied to get the correct blind to fit the space. There are other suppliers who manufacture blinds to fit the major companies.

open roof window

Skylight blinds are not designed to be cut to size, they come as a standard size to fit the code of your window. All the components are supplied with the blind. This compromises of the blind itself and an aluminium frame that the blind sits into. Installation is easy as the frame is in parts that piece together into your window reveal.

The blind runs in aluminium side channels on a cord system and can be positioned anywhere in the window. For example you can have the blind fully retracted or half way down the window if you want to reduce the sun light. There are not any restrictions when it comes to your choice of skylight blind, you can choose roller or venetian dependent on the room in your home. Blackout roller blinds are the best choice for bedrooms as these block out all light.

bathroom roof window

Venetians work well for office spaces as the slats can be angled for you to choose the amount and direction of the incoming light. There are designs that can transform the look of your skylight window. By adding an accent colour or pattern means you can make the blind more of a feature. If you do not want to make a statement choose a fabric that blends into your wall colour.

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