How to fit a venetian blind

Firstly you need to clear your window of any objects and put protective sheets on your sill and surrounding area. Ensure that you have all the relevant tools:
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Raw plugs
  • Pencil for marking
  • Drill bits
  • Secure ladders

The brackets are supplied with the blind along with the child safety mechanism to attach to the wall. The brackets have a hinge opening that you open once they are fitted allowing the headrail to slot into place. Once secure close the fastening. If you are fitting into tiles be sure to have the correct drill bit to ensure your tiles do not crack when being drilled.

Internal Fit

If you are fitting the blind on the inside of the recess then you have 3 options to go for when fitting the brackets - top, face or side fix.

Top fix

This is to secure the brackets to the ceiling of the recess. The only issue you may come across with top fitting is your window lintel, this will either be concrete or metal so making sure you are using the correct drill bit is essential at this point. You might get lucky and only be drilling into wood but always take your time and check your drill is on the suitable setting.

Face fix

This means going into the window frame. Note, with face fix you will always be left with screw holes in your frame and if your frame is UPVC it can occasionally void your cover on the window, so please check your warranty before drilling any holes.

Side fix

You should only need to side fix if you are struggling with the two previous options. Always check before you fit the brackets that you have made an allowance for any handles that may be protruding out as the blind will need to clear these in order to drop down sufficiently. To fit the brackets to the right distance you need to step them in from the recess by approximately 0.5cm as you need the blind to be quite tightly fitted. The child safety mechanism is to be side fixed on the recess wall depending on what side your cords fall. The height of this will be controlled by the length of the cord. Fitting inside can restrict the amount of light coming through your window.

But the plus side with a venetian is that you can adjust the tilt to allow the correct amount of light flow through according to your requirements. Venetian blinds can also help with privacy. They are designed to be dropped down for the majority of the time. You do not want to be pulling the blind up too often.

External Fit

You only have the face fix option when fitting on to the outside of the recess. Be cautious not to drill too close to the bottom edge of the recess as this can cause the plaster to crack resulting in your fix not being secure. The child safety mechanism will be secured to the wall.
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