How to remove a roller blind from its mounting bracket

Sometimes you may need to remove the blind from the mounting bracket. Perhaps because the blind won't open, because you want to clean it, or if you're ready to replace it with a new blind. Whatever the reason, it is quite a simple job to take a roller blind from its bracket you just need to follow these simple steps.

Closing the roller blind

The first thing you need to do is put the blind in the closed position. Pull the blind cord so that the blind rolls, and the fabric no longer covers the window. It is best to do this as a way to protect the blind when you move it from the mounting brackets. Plus is will be easier to move and won't obstruct your view.

Assessing each bracket type

Next take a look at either side of your roller blind, and you should see a mounting bracket to the left and to the right. It is these brackets that are holding the blind in place. One side will be a protruding piece of metal or plastic which will go into the centre of the blind, holding it into place. The other side will have a bracket that clamps shut around the end of the roller. There may also be a support in the middle of the blind, but this is usually an unlocked support - so when the other brackets are released the blind should just slide free.

removing a roller blind

The side of the blind with the clamp is where you should focus your attention. The clamp is like a small door, hinged into place to keep the blind in place. Swing open the clamp and you should be able to pull the blind forward. Clear the blind from the window frame by pulling it towards you. You should then be able to move it right or left to disconnect it with the adjacent bracket. You just need to be careful to avoid dropping the roller blind when it's no longer supported by the brackets.

Removing the brackets

If you are just taking down your blind to clean it then follow the advice above and you shouldn't have a problem. If you're looking to replace or completely remove the blind then you just need to remove the brackets from the window frame. They will be attached using two or three screws per bracket, so all you need to do is unscrew these and remove the bracket from the frame.

fitting a roller blind

At this stage it is just a matter of filling any holes with filler or wall putty and then painting over these holes once the filler is set. However if you are replacing the blinds with new ones then the old holes could possibly be reused. Just check that these hole haven't collapsed and can still tightly hold screws before reusing them.

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