How to repair vertical blinds that keep falling down

Vertical blinds are a great option for in front of a door, such as in a kitchen with a patio door. This is because they offer shade from the sun, but also open horizontally, so that they can slide open in the same direction as the patio door. The problem is that when used like this the blind is slid open and closed on a daily basis, and this can inevitably cause potential damage.

Why do blind vanes break so easily?

One of the most common issues is that individual blinds slats can fall down, especially if the blind is swung open or closed too quickly. The weight of the slat puts too much pressure on the slat hook, especially when the blind is opened too quickly. As a result it can then slip off the hook or even break the plastic clip.

hanging vertical blinds

Generally the plastic hook and clip that holds each slat in place, isn't that strong. So when you add stress to it then it can just break or snap, and the slat will fall to the floor. To avoid this you should open and close the blind using the blind cord, rather than trying to push the blinds open by hand. Also you should adjust the blinds gently rather than trying to pull the blinds open in one quick action.

Another issue is children and pets, as these can pull or gnaw at blind slats and cause extra strain on the hook and clip. So if possible keep your pets and children away from the blind, or keep the blind open when they are in the room. Lastly, if you keep the window or door open whilst the blind is closed then even a gentle wind can make the blind sway. If this occurs regularly then over time the blind hooks and clips can become weakened, and can break. Add all of these stressors together and it is understandable why a blind slat may become loose and fall from its hook.

How to fix broken blind vanes

The top of the blind vane has a little plastic strip that hooks onto the blind head rail mechanism. These are cheap enough to buy, so you can just replace these without much expense. However, if you'd like to fix the blind yourself then there is a quick and easy solution that should strengthen the plastic hook and stop the vane from falling down. To carry out this fix all you will need is some superglue that is suitable for plastic and a small strip of plastic. The plastic can be sourced from an empty bottle or white plastic ice cream tub. You are essentially coating the broken plastic hook with a top layer of plastic, that will ensure the blind vanes don't slip off the head rail mechanism.

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Carefully cut a hole in the bottle and cut out a strip of plastic of the exact same size and shape as the broken plastic hook. This should be able to sit neatly on top of the hook when glued in place, so make sure it does so before adding the superglue. Then you just need to pierce a hole at the top of the plastic template, in the same position as the current hole. This will ensure that the new template doesn't block the hole that is used to attach the vane to the head rail mechanism.

Once you are happy with this template and you sure it will act as new layer to the broken plastic hook, without blocking any holes you are ready to glue it in place. Add a small amount of glue to the broken vane hook and allow it to become tacky before adding the new template. If in doubt follow the instructions on the superglue. Allow to dry and the vane hook should be fully repaired in a discreet way, that will hold your blind slat in place and will not be noticeable at all. All that is left to do is replace the plastic hook onto the blind material and try to hook it back in place. It should slot into the clip within the head rail with ease.

vertical blind slats

Note: As a first step we would always advise you to buy a replacement plastic vane hook. These are inexpensive, and can often be bought for less than the cost of superglue. This fix is only on one small piece of the blind so it will not affect overall performance of the blind.

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