I want a modern and minimalistic look, what kind of blinds would achieve this?

Anyone going for a modern and minimalistic home should ditch the curtains or drapes. While they do create a cosy atmosphere, there’s rarely anything innovative or streamlined about them. Window blinds do a much better job when it comes to creating a modern interior. When it comes to blinds, many people imagine the standard aluminium option. While it is one of the possibilities, there are dozens of other blinds varieties to choose among. For a modern appearance, you may want to explore the following custom blinds and opt for the possibility that’s best suited to your individual needs.

Try roller blinds

Roller blinds are suitable for all rooms and they can be customised in a number of ways. They are streamlined and minimalist in appearance. Roller blinds bring an innovative vibe to the home and they can generally be installed on even oddly sized or shaped windows.

purple roller blind mechanism

These blinds are available in a wide array of colours and patterns. When it comes to minimalism, solid tones are best. Opting for black or white roller blinds will give your home a classic appearance. If you want to make a statement, opt for a more dramatic and brighter colour.

Stick to classics: venetian blinds

Venetian window blinds have been around for many years. If you want to give every room a clean, uncluttered appearance, and privacy from prying eyes Venetian blinds will be the option to explore. These custom blinds can once again be installed on any window due to easy size adjustments. Aluminium is the standard material that these blinds are made of, however, there are real wood options available too. Lightweight and easy to maintain, aluminium will remain in an excellent condition for many years to come.

bedroom venetian blinds

You have no reason to worry when it comes to the appearance of Venetian blinds, either. Most people are familiar with the standard white Venetian blinds. Today, however, you can choose among a vast array of colours and finishes. The simple design of the blinds will work together with a bolder tone selection to produce a noticeable window treatment. perforated Venetian blinds give a room a contemporary look. These blinds have small holes perforated on the slats which allow light to filter through day and night and yet they still give you complete privacy from the outside world when closed or when the slats are angled.

A little bit of sophistication with vertical blinds

Minimalism can also be accomplished through the use of vertical blinds. This is another simple and clean window treatment possibility. Vertical blinds, however, create a cosier atmosphere than the previous two entries in the list. Think of them as an updated and contemporary version of the traditional curtain.

hanging vertical blinds

All three of these products will result in modern and clean interior design. The only thing you need to do is browse and explore the variations available at Blinds Hut. Chances are that you’ll know the window blinds that are right for your home as soon as you come across them, if you're unsure ask for a free sample, when available, before buying.

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