I want to install blinds in my office space: which type should I choose?

Choice and variety when it comes to the selection of window treatments are both great. With so many styles, materials and colours, however, it becomes nearly impossible to choose the right blinds for your office. Whether you own a start-up or you have a larger business, every accessory should be picked carefully. It speaks of corporate values and attention to detail. You want to create the right environment both for employees and for clients coming to your corporate venue. Blinds and window treatments can be used to create that environment.

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Functional considerations should come first

While some home owners focus on aesthetics when choosing window treatments, functionality should be a primary concern for the office. The first functional consideration is tailoring. Opt for a company that can create custom window treatments for your office. The width and the length of the blinds should be a perfect match, preventing light from filtering through (if you need the room to be dark for a particular reason). You can also choose different types of blinds on the basis of their functionality. Venetian and vertical blinds give you a lot of control over light and the level of privacy that you want. Roller blinds, on the other hand, are very easy to operate and can be pulled down in a second. The material that blinds are made of will also contribute to functionality. Think about these aspects before moving on to the next consideration.

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Smart and corporate

What’s the personality of your business? You want the office to look smart, trendy and clean. The right blinds can be used to provoke the right response in employees and office visitors. A mood or a feeling can easily be created through the choice of the right design and the right colour. Traditional metal blinds, for example, are seen as a classic option that has a timeless appeal. Brighter colours are cheerful and energising. Think about the values that matter the most to your style of work and put emphasis on the right characteristics.

Different types of blinds for the different parts of the office

An office that consists of several rooms or a corporate building can benefit from different window treatments in the different rooms. The place where people work should be bright and cheerful. You want people to feel happy when coming to the office. Colours like orange and yellow can help you accomplish those goals. Luckily, blinds are available in such tones. You should also consider the position of the sun throughout the day and the amount of light entering the office. To reduce screen glare and help keep the office cool during the summer Venetian and vertical blinds are the ideal choice. Both of these styles allow complete control over the amount and direction of light and heat coming in through the windows.

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If you have a staff room or a room for relaxation, opt for gentler colours that promote relaxation. Pastel green and blue are two ideal choices. Rooms where presentations and interactions with customers take place will benefit from smart, stylish, neutral coloured blinds. Opt for colours like white, black, beige and grey. Navy is another option that speaks of professionalism.

Have a bit of fun

While traditional blinds will be ideal for a meeting or a presentation room, you can have a bit of fun with the window treatments for the other parts of the office. Patterns and textures can work together to make the place unorthodox. Chances are that you want your business to stand out and you want to attract the brightest experts in the field. If so, you have to give these people a work space that they’ll love year after year. A cheerful, informal environment can help you accomplish that. Window blinds are prominent and visible. They serve numerous purposes which is why you can’t make a compromise with their selection.

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