Add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with patterned blinds

Patterned walls are a fabulous way to add drama to a bedroom, however, this isn't always possible, for example some landlords do not allow their tenants to wallpaper or paint walls or you may be on a tight budget. Whatever the reason you can still add drama to the room using pattern with patterned blinds and accessories. Sophisticated bedroom design ideas include all types of decorating motif, from chic contemporary to traditional elegance. Sophisticated designs offer chic styling in a variety of refined colour schemes which provide a calming ambience conducive to rest and a sleep.

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Window dressing for the bedroom

In bedrooms the window dressing is of utmost importance, not only should it look amazing it needs to fulfil the purpose of blocking out unwanted light and provide privacy. Bedroom blinds meet all of these requirements and can be used as the sole window dressing or in conjunction with curtains or drapes to achieve a sophisticated look that suits your decorating style. Roman blinds in plush velvet or crushed velvet ooze style and sophistication. This luxury fabric is associated with wealth and opulence making it a perfect choice for bedroom windows. The tactile texture offers a romantic seductiveness that is easy on the eye. Although these bedroom blinds don't have a printed pattern the fabric has a natural ability to make its own unique pattern as the pile of the fabric is moved, crushed velvet by its nature provides its own distinctive patterning.

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Roman blind options

Choice in patterned Roman blinds are wide and varied. For a sophisticated look opt for either vertical or horizontal striped patterns. These beautiful bedroom blinds have a natural ability to add sophisticated style to any size of room. Vertical stripes can be used to make give a bedroom the illusion of more height as the eye is automatically drawn upwards, while horizontal stripes give the illusion of windows and rooms being wider. Patterned roller blinds also look stunning in bedrooms and can be used on their own or paired with full length curtains for a refined and sophisticated look. Semi-plain bedroom blinds offer a chic style that offers a more subdued patterning than all-over prints. These gorgeous blinds have tonal colouring which further enhances their air of sophistication along with blackout properties to help prevent unwanted light from entering the bedroom.

Contemporary roller blinds

Contemporary roller blinds with geometric patterns are ideal for modern homes. These window blinds make an impressive statement and show that you have an eye for chic detail and modern interior design trends. The sleek, clean lines provide stylish sophistication that can enhance a plain wall effortlessly.

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All-over patterned blinds can also be used, however, try and avoid those with too many bright colours as these give a more gregarious look rather than a sophisticated one. Floral blinds are a great choice and can be chosen to compliment or coordinated with your bedding to create a refined style that can be used in modern homes and teamed with plain curtains in a traditional one. Patterned blinds are an effective and efficient way to add sophisticated style to any bedroom.

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