How to add colour to your kitchen with window blinds

A splash of colour in the kitchen can brighten up the interior and create a focal point. Instead of going down the traditional road and opting for colourful cabinets or accessories, you can make the kitchen visually intriguing by selecting the right window blinds. Colourful blinds are available in a wide array of tones. The use of texture and patterns will also help you transform the space where you prepare meals, drink your morning coffee and spend quality time with your family.

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Choose warm tones

A modern kitchen can feature warm tones and still appear trendy. Colourful kitchen blinds in orange, yellow or brown will give you that warmth and make the place cheerful. Warm tones work great with the neutrals that are very typical for the kitchen. Chances are that you have stainless steel appliances, a white fridge and other neutral accessories. Bright and warm-coloured window blinds will create a superb contrast.

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A white, white kitchen

If a splash of brightness isn’t the option for you, it’s always a good idea to opt for perfectly white blinds. White is a colour that’s indicative of cleanliness and minimalism. Associating these two with the kitchen is certainly a good idea. For a pop of colour, you can have brighter cabinets or a kitchen counter top made of a natural material such as granite.

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Are red kitchen blinds appropriate?

Colourful window blinds in bright or dark red tones will “spice” up the kitchen and give it a more sophisticated, innovative appearance. Red is the colour associated with appetite, making it a good colour choice for kitchens and eating areas. From bright tomato reds to deep cherry shades, these are tones for the bold and daring and those looking for a colour that makes a statement at your windows. Red blinds are perfect for a kitchen that features darker colours such as black and brown. Red is vibrant and energising, with the ability to brighten up a gloomy room instantly.

Hot pink colour accents

Using hot pink blinds is another option for the people that want a unique and modern kitchen. The key to making such colours successfully is to use them sparingly. This is why colourful window blinds are such a great option. Executing everything else in the kitchen in neutrals will allow the blinds to stand out and bring excitement into the room. However, you should avoid choosing brightly coloured blinds if you have other saturated colours in the kitchen, unless the tones complement each other, you’ll have distinct pieces fighting for visual attention. These are just some of the colours that you can choose for your kitchen roller blinds. Classical tones of sky blue, pastel green, soft grey and navy blue are also good choices that will compliment and coordinate with many different colour schemes, with the darker tones looking stunning on large picture windows and the softer tones allowing plenty if natural light to enter the kitchen.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds also make a good choice for kitchen windows. Available in a range of colours and finishes they will give you plenty of natural light along with privacy, which is particularly useful if your kitchen is at the front of your home overlooking a busy road.

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