Seaside styling: How to add a nautical theme to your bathroom using window blinds

From fun seaside, to beach and coastal, nautical themes are a great idea for bathroom décor. Using colours inspired by nature, such as blue seas, sky, white clouds, crests of waves and warm yellow sand, you can give your bathroom a nautical decor to suit a variety of different decorating motifs.

bathroom with shells

Completely coastal

This chic style is perfect for virtually any style of home due to its adaptability to be personalised. Typically the colours are pale blues and creams, accentuated by accessories of driftwood, pebbles and sea shells collected on days spent on the beach. The soft palette of the colour combination makes a coastal style easy on the eye, calming and relaxing making it suitable for all ages.

Get the look:

Paint walls plain cream, highlight woodwork with pale or duck-egg blue. Flooring should be practical, as such tiling is a good idea. Bath tubs, showers, basins and toilets should be white. Soft oyster Venetian blinds or pale blue or cream roller blinds will be ideal window treatments. Complete the look by highlighting with single large shells, little groups of pebbles or shells and driftwood.

Beach fun

This theme is ideal for homes with children. It makes bath time fun using bright colours and whimsical accessories that are reminders of fun days spent at the beach. Toddlers will love additions of buckets and spades and beach balls, while older children and teens will appreciate the addition of accessories based surf boards and water sports.

Get the look: 

White walls make a great backdrop for bright blue and yellow accents. Showers, baths, sinks and toilets should be white too. Flooring can be plain white or blue to represent the water or yellow for sand. Plain bright teal or yellow roller blinds will not only be practical and functional they will also help to make a break in an entirely white wall. Keep accessories light-hearted and fun.


Nautical bathroom décor also encompasses under the sea themes. These can be whimsical and fun with cartoon style fish and underwater creatures or take a more natural stance using images of authentic underwater scenes.

Get the look: 

Dive under the waves with cool oceanic blues and greens for walls and flooring. Plain white bathroom suites are ideal. Roller blinds with digitally printed Octopuss will add a touch of whimsy, alternatively plain green or blue will look equally as stylish.


Boats and sailing go hand-in-hand with nautical themes. Once again this style can be focused on children or adults. Children will love scenes of little sail boats bobbing along while a more mature look can be achieved with accessories of nautical knots, oars, anchors etc.

Get the look: 

The colour scheme should ideally be blue and white walls, with darker navy blues being most appropriate for adult themes. White flooring and bathroom suites really help to achieve the look. Window treatments can be wooden Venetian blinds or roller blinds in white or coordinating blue. Accessories will determine the overall look, with child boats giving way to real sailing memorabilia for maturer themes.


Perfect for adults who love anything to do with the sea, this theme is based on classical white and blue stripes, which can range from pale blue to deep navy. It is accentuated with any form of maritime accessories just as long as they have a serious note rather than whimsical.

Get the look: 

Stripes in blue and white, with white bathroom suite and flooring. Window dressings can be Venetian blinds, striped or nautical roller blinds. Choose an aspect of maritime, whether it be maritime history or modern, to use for accessories. Cabinets and open shelving made from, or in the shape of boat hulls, port holes for mirrors and images of boats.

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