10 ideas for personalised blinds

Personalised blinds give you a chance to make the window treatments unorthodox and unique. If a standard product isn’t the right option for your home, you may want to choose among the following 10 custom print blinds.

Dinosaur blinds for the kid’s room

Is there a kid that doesn’t love dinosaurs? Personalised blinds featuring a dinosaur print can be crafted in a wide array of colours, bringing a favourite image and bright colours to your child's bedroom or playroom.

Dinosaur Blind

Make them science-y and hi-tech

Atom prints on the blinds result in a hi-tech, modern interior design that is perfect for teens and those who adore everything techy. You can this style of custom printed roller blinds as an accent in a bedroom, home office or computer room to give it a modern edge with all the practicalities and functionality roller blinds offer.

science blind atom

Bring the world in your home

Custom print blinds that feature the map of the world or a specific geographic landmark will appeal to travellers and people that want to explore the globe. Intrepid explorers will love mapping through travels or planning their next worldwide trip.

world map blind

Go for something unusual

Custom blinds give you a chance to express yourself and opt for unusual visuals. Do you want to make your interior design slightly more eccentric? You can accomplish the goal through the use of a brain print, the portrait of Einstein or even the periodic table. The options are limitless, each giving your windows a unique look that is ideal for modern and contemporary décors.

braid design blind


Fractals have a somewhat more abstract appearance, which makes such custom blinds ideal for use in just about every room that needs visual interest.

atomic structure

Surprise kids with their favourite animals

Transform your child’s room into the jungle and encourage little ones to imagine all kinds of adventures. There are various types of blinds that feature jungle animals – a perfect idea for the room of a little boy or a girl, with our custom blinds you can make a room special by adding your child's name to the blind.

Choose a quote or a text you like

Images and text can come together to create a meaningful message and give you inspiration or wisdom in a time of need. Perfect for living rooms and home office, motivational blinds can keep you on-track, lift the spirit and morale.

Sketches and artwork

Custom blinds can also feature beautiful sketches or abstract artwork. You can have a lip print on your blinds or even a cartoon-like type of modern art. This funky window blinds are perfect for teens rooms and homes with a retro decorating motif.


Focus on a topic your kid adores

Does your child want to be an astronaut? Get them spaceman blinds to put emphasis on the favourite topic. Custom print blinds can be used to illustrate many themes and keep kids dreaming of what they’d like to accomplish when they grow up, add their name so that they can dream of being the next man or woman in space.

Create a peaceful interior design

Prints and illustrations can also be used to make your interior design peaceful and serene. Bird prints, nature elements, stone circles and geometric shapes can all be used to help you unwind in the end of the busy day at the office.

gone with the wind

With so many different topics available in personalised blinds you'll find one that suits the theme and colour scheme of your rooms here at Blinds Hut.

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