5 white window blinds that you’ll want in your home

When it comes to blinds, most of us imagine the standard product but did you know there are numerous varieties to choose among? The materials, the size of the slats and the patterns can help you make your interior design unique. White blinds are perfect for just about every living space due to the neutral nature of the colour and its minimalist appeal. If you are considering white blinds for your home, you may want to examine the following five options.

White Satin Roman Blinds

Satin Roman blinds have a very beautiful texture that contributes to their appeal. Satin Roman blinds are ideal for a living room or a bedroom where they’ll create boudoir-like ambience. Roman blinds maintain the traditional fabric appeal of curtains but they modernise the interior and come with added benefits, including their ability to provide abundant light when pulled to the top of the window and their non-bulky appearance.

Grey Roman blind

Metal Blinds

White metal blinds are a popular, traditional option. They’re ideal both for the home and the office because of the exceptional durability and the ease of maintenance. This is a more down-to-earth and practical product that gives you control over the amount of light entering the room simply by adjusting the angle of the slats. While there’s nothing pretentious or fancy about them, white metal blinds are suitable for use in just about every room, including the bathroom and the kitchen.

blind controls

Blackout Roller Blinds

As the name indicates, blackout roller blinds in white are ideal for the bedroom. They prevent most light from entering the home, enabling you to create ideal sleeping or relaxation conditions. Needless to say, blackout roller blinds can be used in just about every other room. The design is very simple and minimalist. As a result, white blackout roller blinds will be ideal for a modern home when used as the sole window dressing, team them with curtains for a more traditional style of window treatment.

white roller blinds

Hardwood Venetian Blinds

If white metal seems a bit too cold for your preferences, you may want to opt for Venetian hardwood blinds painted in white. The pristine colour will combine with the texture of wood to give your interior a rustic motif that is still trendy. There are options for slat widths and while the wider ones are recognised for the superior quality and longevity, the thinner slats are ideal for smaller sized windows. Depending on your preferences, either satin or gloss finishes to compliment the style of your interior.

White Roller Blinds with Patterns and Textures

The white background makes it possible for patterns and images to pop out from the roller blind. If you’re installing such blinds in the room of your child, you may want to consider something a bit more colourful. An alphabet blackout roller blind is fun and functional at the same time. This is just one of the possible patterns, explore the possibilities – chances are that you’ll come across a design or pattern that you will fall in love with.

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