5 window blinds influenced by New York city living

You many not actually live in New York City, but there's nothing stopping you from adopting the chic and stylish decorating scheme that give you the look. From city skylines and film stars to recreating New York lofts or penthouse living, when you get the décor, furniture and soft furnishings right you can live in The City of Dreams right here in the UK.

Choosing the right style of window dressing will go a long way to helping you live in New York within the comforts of your own home. Perhaps you want a visual reminder of a fantastic holiday or shopping trip spent in the City So Nice, They Named It Twice or maybe you just love they way New Yorkers decorate their homes. Whatever your reason for wanting to get the look we have five blinds influenced by New York City living to help you achieve your goal.

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Skyline Blinds

Prints of the iconic New York skyline are a great way to bring The Big Apple into your home. Typically in the form of roller blinds the city skyline is printed onto the bottom half of the blind. Silhouettes of the skyline in monochromatic black and white have the ability to coordinated with many different decorating motifs, giving a chic edge to kitchens, living room and bedroom windows. With the outline on the bottom section it enables you to raise the blind to let light into the room without losing the print, giving you a constant visual reminder of New York.

New York Industrial Loft

Metal and metallic Venetian blinds are ideal for creating a New York industrial loft décor. Available in a range of colours and finishes aluminium, silver and black are ideal colour choices to get the look. Opt for perforated Venetian blinds as these allow both day and night light to make wonderful patterns on the interior surfaces of your home and still give you complete privacy.

Movie Star inspired

Be inspired by past and present American movie stars using pictorial roller blinds. Digitally mastered or screen printed onto the surface of the blind you can create a film star decorating motif with a contemporary feel. Available in modern bright colours, along with cream and white, the portrait of your favourite film star will be looking down on you and your home in admiration of your fabulous taste in retro décor.

NY Apartments

Many NY apartments are compact, but this doesn't detract from their chic interiors. Small windows cab benefit hugely from roller and Roman blinds that can be raised to let natural light flood into the room. Prints and patterns are good choice against plain walls, as is often the case in rented accommodations, adding colour, texture and visual impact to the room. On the other hand plain or semi-plain Roman blinds offer a sophisticated and elegant window dressing that is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. When privacy is an issue overcome it by using Venetian blinds, bright colours and special finishes will take away any sterility, leaving you with a stylish window dressing that passers-by can't peer through.

semi transparent blind


Sweeping glass walls overlooking the city skyline shouldn't be obstructed, as such choosing a window blind that is functional and stylish is a must. Vertical blinds are ideal for large walls of glass as they can be stacked back to give unrestricted views across the city, however, when closed they give total privacy.

modern living room

There are plenty of fabulous window blinds available that have New York influences, it's just a matter of selecting the ones that suit the style of your home and decorating motif the best.

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