6 beautiful ways to use blue window blinds

A lot can be accomplished with blinds, whether you’re looking for aesthetics or functionality. Blue blinds in particular are beautiful and they can help you create a sense of serenity in your home. Without further ado, here are six beautiful interior design suggestions that involve the use of blue blinds.

Create A Serene Environment in the Bedroom

Blue is a colour that is considered in feng shui to bring calmness and peacefulness to the home, making blue Roman blinds ideal for use in the bedroom.

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When opting for blue satin Roman blinds, for example, you’re using the beauty of the colour and the delicate nature of the fabric. The two will work together, creating an interior design that’s conductive of relaxation.

Make the Blue Blinds Your Centre Piece

Instead of going for subdued blue blinds, use those as a statement piece in the living room. Navy blue roller blinds or spring floral patterned blue blinds will stand out and create a point of interest. If the rest of your interior design is plain and minimalist, a patterned blind will add visual diversity and make a statement.

Use Their Functional Appeal

Apart from being beautiful to look at, blue blinds also have a functional appeal. Blue blackout roller blinds, for example, will keep most light out of your bedroom. Blackout blinds are perfect for creating the perfect sleeping and relaxation conditions. When making interior design decisions, you should always keep the aesthetic and the functional appeal of the blind in mind.

Play with Colour and Texture

You have many shades of blue to choose among and you can also play with textures or different materials to create visual points of interest. Fabric is a good choice because it’s reminiscent of standard curtains, but without the bulkiness. Vertical blinds come with a visual flair that modernises the interior and are ideal for patio doors and contemporary walls of glass.

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Aluminium blinds are sleek and cool. The appearance of the metal is urban and modern making them perfect for a number of decorating motifs. Silky blue Roman blinds look sophisticated and chic. The shimmer of the fabric makes them perfect for adding elegance to bedrooms and living rooms.

Choose Different Shades of Blue for the Different Rooms

There’s no need to have the same kind of blue blinds in all of your rooms. Playing with different colours and different varieties will make your house’s interior design much more interesting. Blackout blue blinds that are sea-coloured will be perfect for the bedroom. Choose a pattern in the living room – a floral teal pattern or stripes will both be perfect – go for the one that corresponds to your décor and furniture. If you have a home office, opt for standard aluminium blinds in navy blue or sky blue. The first colour is a bit more corporate, while the second will be great to look at while taking a break from the computer work.

Bring the Seaside to Your Home

Blue blinds can make you feel like you’re on a permanent holiday. Striped blue and white roller blinds will bring the nautical theme to your home. In fact, the use of colour is one of the best options for executing a theme or creating a certain mood. A Mediterranean blue design will transform your home, regardless of the climate and the location.

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There are plenty of blue window blinds to choose from, this calming, peaceful colour is perfect for any style of home and decorating motif.

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