70 Things That Clutter Up British Homes The Most

70 things that clutter up British homes the most

Recent studies have shown that the average Brit has 3,370 cubic feet of their home packed with items that they rarely or never use. For many, the thought of throwing out that jumper you’ve hardly worn or the spare computer that will come in useful one day is a hard task. But what are the items that people clutter the most? Blinds Hut surveyed British public to find out what they clutter the most.


bathroom clutter

Items Percent
Toiletries 53.3%
Makeup 16%
Dirty Towels 14.4%
Toothbrushes 6.3%
Toothpaste Tubes 4.6%
Medication 3.5%
Nail Polish 1.9%



bedroom clutter

Items Percent
Dirty Clothing 30.9%
Outgrown Clothing 26.6%
Aftershave / Perfume 16.1%
Jewellery 10.2%
Socks with Holes 7.5%
Pillows 4.4%
Clothing Hangers 4.3%



Living Room

living room clutter

Items Percent
Magazines / Newspapers 32.6%
Pet Toys 21.4%
Letters 19.3%
DVD’s 13.7%
Takeaway Menu’s 7.7%
Clothes 4.2%
Used Batteries 1.1%


Home Office

home office clutter

Items Percent
Stationery 27.2%
Sentimental Items 21%
Coffee Cups 16.8%
Notepads 12.4%
Empty Pens 8.1%
Food Plates 7.9%
Spare Machinery 6.6%



kitchen clutter

Items Percent
Cooking Utensils 36.1%
Random Containers 24.8%
Dirty Washing 12.5%
Empty Bags 11.1%
Cleaning Products 6.7%
Recipe Books 5.8%
Napkins/Placemats 3%



garden clutter

Items Percent
Weeds 45.4%
Table & Chairs 20.5%
Broken Pots 14.8%
Children's Toys 9.4%
Tools 4.9%
Old Barbeques 4%
Rubbish 1%


Dining Room

dining room clutter

Items Percent
Chairs 28.6%
Crockery 20.7%
Magazines/Newspapers 15.8%
Ornaments 14.9%
Letters 10%
Old Fruit 5.8%
Handbags 4.2%



garage clutter

Items Percent
Tools 23.4%
Unused Boxes 21.6%
Bicycles 19.2%
Sports Items 12.1%
Old Furniture 10.3%
Car Parts 8.1%
Hardware 5.3%



hallway clutter

Items Percent
Shoes 42.5%
Coats/Hats 14.5%
Bags 12.4%
Ironing Board 12.1%
Umbrellas 11.6%
Sports Balls 6%
Washing 0.9%



playroom clutter

Items Percent
Toys 34.3%
Crayons 17.7%
Clothing 15.2%
Building Blocks 12.3%
Balloons 9.2%
Toy Containers 6.2%
Food/Drink Containers 5.1%



Juliet Landau-PopeIf you struggle with decluttering, don’t worry. It can be easy for items to build up around your home. We spoke to Juliet Landau-Pope, de-cluttering expert, professional organiser and Director of JLP Coach, to find out the best way to start your decluttering journey.

She told us “Kickstart your decluttering by focusing on an area in your home that will make a difference but not challenge you too much. Clearing clutter from the hallway, for example, can lift your mood when you arrive home. Creating space and order in your bedroom can improve your quality of sleep. The key thing is to start with small steps, set micro-goals and celebrate progress rather than perfection.

If you’re procrastinating, let’s review the assumptions that you’re making. Do you really lack time, or are you simply giving priority to other tasks? Do you need to hold onto certain items ‘just in case’ or do you have a specific purpose in mind? Once you delve deeper into stories that you’re telling yourself (and possibly others) you’ll find it easier to shift habits as well as surplus stuff.”

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