A guide to the latest window blind colour trends

Are you trying to make your home trendy and beautiful? If so, you’ll have to look for the right window treatment. Colours and trends change every single year. While a few options maintain their timeless appeal, others have risen to prominence recently.

Natural, earthly tones

Natural tones like beige, ochre yellow, brown, brick red and sky blue are perfect for a home that looks peaceful and serene. These colours replicate the beauty and balance of nature. They work well with a wide array of other colours that are considered bolder and brighter. When it comes to natural colours, you have many tones and shades to choose from. Pale pastels work well in in smaller rooms, while bolder tones are great for medium and larger windows. Window blinds in earthy tones will stand as a background, allowing accessories and statement pieces to shine through.

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Metallic colours

Metallic colours and metal blinds are back in fashion. If you want to make those hip and trendy, opt for unusual metallic colours. Gold and silver are two metallic colours that will be particularly trendy throughout 2016 and 2017. Metallics that sparkle have already been in trend for a few years and according to interior design experts, they will continue to be. Metallic colours come with a highly specific, unmistakable texture. This is the main reason why they’re the option for individuals that want to make an on-trend statement.

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Bold prints and geometric shapes

This isn’t a colour per se however, blinds and window treatments that feature prints, patterns and geometric shapes are a great option if you want to escape from traditional styles of window dressing. Stripes in different colours, floral patterns and bold prints are all ideal. The trend started in 2007 and today, it continues giving interior designs a more youthful and cheerful appearance. If you opt for such window treatments, you may want to keep the other accessories in your home classic and subdued. Let the blinds shine. Having too many points of interest in the room will simply create an interior design hodgepodge that’s far from harmonious.

Yellow and bright orange

This is another trend that the brave and the bold will fall in love with. Yellow and orange are both cheerful and bright colours. They create a warm ambience and give every single room a character of its own.

Neutrals are trendy once again

Neutral colours have a timeless appeal. Today, they’re incredibly trendy because neutrals work perfectly well with metallic colours. A couple of additional tones have been added to the category, increasing the number of options that home owners can choose among. Charcoal and slate are two particularly trendy colours for contemporary window treatments.

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Hot pink

Vibrant colours are particularly trendy today. If orange and yellow aren’t your thing, you may want to opt for a hot pink bedroom. Needless to say, this option isn’t for the faint of heart and sits stylishly next to black and greys as well as white and neutrals. Hot Pink is a colour that will stand out immediately. The colour is bold enough on its own and it doesn’t need any assistance to get noticed.

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