Mixing metals: 10 metallic blinds for the modern home

Metallic finishes are perfect for the contemporary, minimalist home. The theme 'Mixing Metals' remains on-trend within the world of interior design. This trend is perfect for every style of home, from traditional to contemporary, and can be achieved with the addition of metallic blinds.

Tocana metallic finish blinds

These aluminium blinds are recognised for the shimmering effect of their metallic finish. Such a treatment will be great for larger windows that feature a bigger number of slats. There glimmering qualities make them stand out, giving brightness to even duller and more subdued interior designs.

Silver venetian blinds

Silver is a timeless option and when it combines with a classic like metal Venetian blinds, the outcome will certainly be a sophisticated one. Silver is a neutral colour that works well with many other tones. The metallic finish will simply make it a bit more intriguing, giving a room a mystical air that is reminiscent of shimmering moonlight and twinkling stars.

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Aluminium venetian blinds & wood tones

Aluminium Venetian blinds in wooden tones bring together the cold beauty of metal and the warmth of a natural material like wood. You can’t go wrong by opting for such an intriguing style of window blinds. Wood tones suit any style of home effortlessly, with pale shades of beech and pine being ideal for country cottages and mid and darker tones gives a traditional or contemporary look.

Pale green aluminium blinds

Aluminium blinds that have a glossy finish bring the appeal of metal to just about every interior design concept. If you want to stray away from the traditional gold and silver, a colour like pale green metallic would be a nice pick.

Black metallic blinds

Black metal blinds are a timeless classic that will look spectacular in a modern, sophisticated room. They’ll add stylishness to the living room and they’ll be equally suitable for use in the bedroom.

Satin roman blinds in gold

While the actual blinds are made of a fabric, satin has a glossy texture that makes it reminiscent of metal. Gold is a rich and sophisticated colour that will add natural warmth and richness to your home.

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Siene vertical blinds

These blinds feature a stainless steel grey colour, as well as a pattern that makes the design more intricate and memorable. Vertical blinds are particularly suitable for larger windows and patio doors, they’re lightweight and very easy to maintain.

Perforated aluminium venetian blinds

Perforated blinds give you a metallic finish with an interesting twist. The small perforated holes in the slats allow small amounts of light to enter the room, which leads to a very unusual diffused lighting effect.

Fire venetian blinds

Fire blinds bring together the appeal of the metallic finish and of red. Such blinds will never go unnoticed. They’re ideal for making an interior design statement and would look amazing in virtually any room, from vibrant living rooms, to dining areas and bedrooms.

White aluminium blinds

Traditional metal blinds have maintained their appeal till present day. They suit all sizes of windows, any style of home or work place and offer a clean, sleek look that is ideal as a sole window dressing or perfect for teaming with curtains.

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