Pretty in pink: a guide to pink window blinds

Add a feminine and romantic feel to a room by using pink window blinds. With a wide choice of pink hues available it is easy to select a shade to compliment your colour scheme without making a room too pink.

Living rooms:

Pink is typically a gentle colour, especially those without too much saturation of red. From pretty pastel and sherbet shades to the more vibrant fuchsia, pink has the ability to coordinate with a range of other colours.

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The paler tones blends seamlessly with cream and soft greys to create a living room that is peaceful, calming and feminine. Mid pinks have the ability to calm darker greys and are ideal as an accent colour that is gender neutral, but still with a distinctive touch of femininity. In contemporary interiors the darker or brighter pinks, such as hot pink or fuchsia, work incredibly well with black, white and dark blues, particularly when used as an accent via soft furnishings and a pink blind for windows.

Dining rooms:

As red is the colour associated with appetite using pinks with a red undertone will enhance the appearance and functionality of a dining room. These deeper tones still offer a touch of femininity without being too girlie and cute. Pink window blinds teamed with pink chair seats and table linens will give an elegant, refined look to a dining room. Plain pink blinds work well on large picture windows and patio doors, while pink window blinds with a hint of pattern can add visual interest to the room.


Associated with love and tenderness pink is an ideal colour for bedrooms. Having the ability to calm down other colours it can be used for any decorating motif. The pretty paler shades are ideal for creating a truly feminine bedroom that can be further enhanced by using pink blackout blinds teamed with full length curtains or drapes that flow and pool onto the floor.

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Add pink to darker colours such as charcoal, Hunter green or navy blue and a bedroom will take on a more masculine look. Pink combined with grey or black are considered sophisticated and stylish; they make an impact and give a statement of intent, these powerful colours are not for the colour shy.

Children's bedrooms:

From pretty pink nurseries to bold hot pink and bubble gum pink teens rooms, pink is a great colour for children. Representing tenderness and love it is the perfect colour choice, even though it remains stereotypically associated with girls.


Pink works wonderfully well as an accent colour in kitchens. It soothes the sometimes harsh sterility of white and compliments natural wood colours as well as stainless steel. Pink kitchen blinds will add a touch of love to the room, and as the kitchen is the heart of many homes it should be included.


You don't have to have a Retro pink bathroom suite to use pink in a modern home. Pink accessories are the perfect partner for white, toning down any sterility without detracting from cleanliness. A pink window blind will give you the privacy and light control you need and bring a splash of colour to an otherwise plain room. As pink signifies good health, as in being 'in the pink', it is a positive colour for a bathroom.

Home office:

Pink is intuitive and insightful, it is also calming making it a good choice for home offices. Pink blinds paired with accessories will help to bring peace to what you may consider a chaotic room where you are always under too much stress. If you wonder which colour you should use throughout your home, pink is well worth considering. It has so many positive qualities there is a shade to suit your style of home.

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