The Most Googled Furniture Item in UK Cities

The furniture you purchase for where you live can be integral to making your house feel like a home, so someone’s furniture choice can really tell a lot about a person.

That’s why, here at Blinds Hut, we’ve uncovered Google search results for furniture items nationwide and by city to reveal how Brits decorate their homes.

The Most Popular Furniture Items in the UK, According to Google

Blinds Hut analysed average monthly Google searches in the UK to reveal which furniture items were the most popular, these are:

Sofa Bed – 246,000 average monthly searches.
Bed – 201,000 average monthly searches.
Corner Sofa – 165,000 average monthly searches.
Bedside Table – 135,000 average monthly searches.
Dressing Table – 135,000 average monthly searches.
Coffee Table – 135,000 average monthly searches.
Floor Lamps – 110,000 average monthly searches.
Ceiling Lightshade - 110,000 average monthly searches.
Desk – 110,000 average monthly searches.
Dining Table – 90,500 average monthly searches.

While Brits have a huge array of furniture items to choose from, there appears only to be a select few that Brits really want.

The most searched for furniture item across the UK is a sofa bed, surprisingly gaining 22% more searches than ‘bed’ (2nd) despite the latter being considered a necessity.

The third most Googled furniture item in the UK is a corner sofa with a staggering 165,000 average monthly searches. Along with the fact that sofa bed, bed and corner sofa placed first, second and third, respectively, suggests Brits clearly love their comfort.

Which City Has the Most Expensive Taste?

Blinds Hut has revealed the most Googled furniture items in British cities. The average costs of each city’s top three Googled furniture items were totalled up to reveal which city has the most expensive taste, these are the results:

Leeds - £1,825
Liverpool - £1,290
Stoke-on-Trent - £1,290
Edinburgh - £1,070
Cardiff - £1,050

Leeds by far has the priciest furniture list, with people searching for a bed the most, followed by a dining table and a corner sofa. The average cost of Leeds’s most searched for items is a whopping £1,825. In comparison, further North from Leeds is Newcastle - the city with the least expensive taste, with their furniture items costing £213 - that’s £1,612 less than Leeds.

Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent place joint second with their most Googled furniture items totalling £1,290, which is a staggering £1,042 more than Reading’s furniture taste (£248). Residents in Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent searched for dining table and chair sets, beds and dressing tables.

The Coffee Table is the Most Googled in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff

Is a coffee table in a living room a necessity? Some may say a living room isn’t complete unless you have a sofa, TV, and of course a coffee table. Well, it appears the coffee table is definitely an obligation in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff with the item being the most searched for in these cities.

Prices for a coffee table range from £50 - £200, making it a cost-effective way to revamp your living room. Not to mention that the coffee table is a great place to showcase your style and make your mark in the living room.

To style a coffee table, split your table into sections. Each part of the table should feature objects, such as plants, books and ornaments, that vary in height and texture.

Revealed: London’s Favourite Furniture Item is the Armchair

Out of the 15 cities Blinds Hut analysed, Londoners were the only ones searching for an armchair, so much so that it is the most Googled furniture item in London.

But, what makes the armchairs so loved in London? They’re definitely not as crucial as a sofa – where family and friends can cosy up together. However, perhaps that’s part of the appeal for Londoner’s, with many living in houseshares they may want to relax in their own seat.

Despite the rest of the UK appearing to dismiss the armchair, the power of this seat shouldn’t be underestimated. Finding the right armchair can completely and easily transform your living room for the better.

Not sure which armchair to purchase? If you see an armchair that you’re immediately drawn to and want to sit in it, then you’ve probably found the perfect chair.

The TV Unit Takes First Place in Glasgow and Edinburgh

When it comes to showcasing your TV, it appears the scots are masters at this, with searches for ‘TV unit’ placing first in Glasgow and Edinburgh. These Scottish cities were the only areas that the TV unit even made the most Googled furniture item list.

Choosing a TV unit can be tricky. Not only does this item have to compliment the room, but also your TV. However, with so many styles and materials of TV units to choose from, you don’t have to compromise on style. Just make sure you pick a stand that allows you to view the TV from a comfortable height and will fit in the room’s size and layout.

So how does your city’s furniture of choice compare? Will you be searching for the top pick? If you’re looking for inspiration and ways to spruce up your home, check out our guide on the latest blind colour trends.

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