This Is How Many Times Every Amenity, Facility & House Rule Appears On Airbnb Plus Listings


Air BnB plus

Airbnb Plus is Airbnb’s premium, hotel-like service, recognising offerings with exceptional quality, comfort and style, rewarding listings with a “Plus” classification.

Plus listings include everything that a guest would want in a homestay venue, and other Airbnb’ers can learn a lot from what’s included in order to offer a popular offering of their own.

Blinds Hut trawled through 306 Airbnb Plus listings in the UK (the maximum allowed from one search) to find out what are the most and least popular amenities, facilities and house rule’s included in Airbnb Plus listings so you don’t have to.


Pool 0.3%

swimming pool

Clearly, it’s a little difficult to just add a swimming pool to your property to improve your Airbnb offering, but the fact that under 1% of listings includes a pool shows that extravagant luxuries aren’t what everyone is looking for.


Smoking Allowed 1.6%

smoke cloud

Perhaps a sign of the times, only 5 of the 306 Airbnb Plus listings we searched for allows guests to smoke within the property itself. Although these listings are perfect for smokers, the vast majority of potential guests are likely to be put off by the possibility of smelling cigarette smoke during their stay.


Suitable For Events 2.3%

party balloons

Just over 2% of locations are listed as “suitable for events”. Although this can slightly improve your chances of featuring on Airbnb Plus, the risk of damage to your property in terms of spillages, stains and other accidental occurrences may deter you from offering this option to your guests.

On the other hand, you can charge large amounts to host group events or parties should you allow them.


Gym 2.3%

Gym dumbells

By adding a small gym to your listing, you appeal to an ever-growing part of the travel market that likes to remain health-conscious even while they are travelling on business or holiday.

With only a small number of Airbnb listings offering a gym to their guests, it could be something to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Hot Tub 2.9%

outdoor hot tub

Something that most people look forward to enjoying when they go on holiday is a hot tub, and some Airbnb Plus listings are taking advantage of this by offering one as part of their listing.

Nowadays, hot tubs are fairly affordable and can add an extra allure to your property. If you have space, it’s something you should definitely consider.


Air Conditioning 8.2%

air conditioning units

Especially during the summer months, many see air conditioning as an absolute must-have, although it’s still a relatively rare feature to find in an Airbnb Plus listing.

Only 8% of listings have air conditioning available, meaning it’s not an absolute essential amenity to have to feature on the premium service.


Pets Allowed 16.7%

sleepy cat

Surprisingly, considering the popularity of taking your pets on holiday with you in the UK, only 16% of Airbnb Plus listings allow you to bring your pets during your visit.

This could be because if the offering is an apartment in a communal building, they may have a rule that no pets are allowed in the communal areas and therefore the building as a whole.


Breakfast 19%

cereal and melon

The offer of breakfast is something that most people would normally associate with hotel stays, but around one in 5 listings also offer this on Airbnb Plus.

Adding breakfast to your listing adds an extra layer of convenience and luxury for your guests, and also allows you as the host to charge a higher price than you normally would without it.


Indoor Fireplace 30.7%

cozy indoor fireplace

Perhaps one of the most sort after luxuries, just over 30% of Airbnb Plus listings offer an indoor fireplace. This is especially important during the winter months, as guests like to wind down in front of the fire on nighttime.


High Chair 38.6%

messy child in high chair

As more and more families opt for staycations rather than travelling abroad, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a high chair handy for any children that guests ring along during their stay.


Free Parking On Premises 42.8%

vintage car and house

Free parking on the premises of a listing is a convenient and often cost-saving plus point that a host can offer their guests. Many guests travel large distances for business or pleasure and parking can often cost over £100 per week depending on the location and proximity to the city centre.

If you can offer free parking on your premises, it’s sure to pique the interest of potential guests.


Cot 45.4%

home nursery

Along with a high chair, a cot is an essential feature that parents look out for when travelling with children. Many Airbnb users have noticed this, and now nearly half offer a cot with their listings.


Dryer 60.5%

laundrette dryers

A tumble dryer is included in just over 60% of stays, and whether or not one is needed in your offering really depends on the type of trip that your guests undertake most regularly.

If your guests normally visit for short stays, they’re unlikely to need access to a dryer. However, guests who stay for longer will likely need to use a dryer to wash their clothes.


Self Check-In 65.7%

Reception Bell

To be able to list your venue as offeringself check-in service, your guests must be able to access the listing using a key lockbox, smart lock, keypad or by getting a key or access from the building staff.

This offers guests the ability to be able to arrive at any time and not have to wait to be given keys to the property. 65% ofstings on Airbnb Plus offer this.


Washing Machine 86.9%

Silver Washing machines

Washing machines are included in around 87% of Airbnb listings. It’s surprising that it’s not actually more considering they are viewed by many as an essential part of the home. However, many people won’t have the need for a washing machine during their holiday as they will bring enough clothes to last for an entire week.


Laptop Friendly Workspace 96.4%

laptop workspace

By the term “Laptop Friendly Workspace”, Airbnb refers to a desk or workspace. Most Airbnb Plus listings offer this facility as it’s vital for guests that might need to conduct business during their travels.


Kitchen 99.3%

modern living room

Surprisingly, two venues listed in the Airbnb Plus search carried out by Blinds Hut are without a kitchen. This could be if the listing is part of a communal living area or a single room in an apartment. It just goes to show that you don’t need everything to feature on Airbnb Plus.


Everything Else 100%

Everything else featured on Airbnb’s amenities, facilities and house rules list includes Heating, Wifi, Iron, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Shampoo, Hangers, Hair Dryer, TV, Smoke Detector and a Private Bathroom. They appeared as part of every single property in our search.

There you have it, if you want to bring your Airbnb game up a notch, you now know which features are the most common on Airbnb Plus. Consider adding the most popular ones to your listing to improve your visibility and engagement rate.

*This information is correct as of Monday 23rd September, searching for a 1-week stay in the UK between Monday 21st – Friday 25th October 2019 for 2 adults.

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