What are Roman Blind kits, do they include the blind?

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A roman blind kit is a DIY kit that is designed for people that want to make their own roman blind in the comfort of their own home. Ideal for anyone who has excess fabric from a recent crafting project, or has some basic sewing skills and wants a new challenge. The idea behind a roman blind kit is that you will save money by assembling the blind yourself, and can swap and change fabric as often as you like. They are therefore perfect for anyone that loves crafting or making their own accessories for their own home. Included with these kits is everything you need to make a roman blind (except the fabric), including: tapes, bars, head rails, string or cassette mechanism, and finally detailed instructions. So if you use a kit, have quality fabrics and follow the instruction then you can make a quality roman blind without the need of a seamstress, or the cost of a made to measure blind.

Benefits of roman blinds kits

One of the key benefits of a roman blind kit, is that it allows you flexibility to customise and design a roman blind to your exact specification. You can personalise the blind with your own choice of fabric, and add your own touches like changing hem size, or adding a blackout lining to the fabric. For instance a lot of made to measure blinds will have a standard hem, but you may want something larger for a better drape of your fabric.

As mentioned above, roman blind kits are also an inexpensive alternative to made to measure blinds. Plus they are durable, so you can change the fabric as often as you like, and the kit won't be affected. This means you can enjoy a fresh look to your window as often as you like, knowing that the kit will last for a number of years. All that this will cost is the price of a few metres of fabric.

Types of roman blind kit

There are two types of roman blind kits available. These are the corded roman blind kit and the cassette roman blind kit. You can easily tell the difference as one is operated with a cord, whereas the other is operated using a beaded metal pull chain.

Corded roman blind kit

The corded roman blind kit is available in a number of different sizes, to fit a number of window sizes. The kit is corded, so a cord is used to open and close the blind, rather than a chain. The cord is positioned to one side of the headrail and a cam lock guide is included to contain the cords. The blind can be mounted to inside or outside of a window, and can be fitted to the window frame, wall surrounding the window or the ceiling.

Cassette roman blind kit

These are usually a little more expensive than the corded option. However, just like corded blinds these are available in a number of sizes to fit different window sizes. The blind is operated using a cassette mechanism that opens and closes the blind using a beaded cord. Everything is provided to allow you to make a quality blind that will adorn your window with style. You just need to buy fabric separately to finish off your purchase.


Fabrics are not included with roman blind kits which means you have complete freedom to choose any fabric you like. When buying made to measure blinds there are some restrictions, as only certain fabrics are available. However with a roman blind kit, you can use absolutely any fabric you can find. You might want to use fabric that you already have in the home, or you might want to re-purpose some old curtains. Or you even might want to match your blind to a new set of curtains you have recently bought. Choosing a roman blind kit gives you more freedom to choose fabric, hence why kits are such a popular option.

Roman blind kit safety

When purchasing a roman blind kit make sure that it comes with the required safety device to keep blind cords secured and out of reach of children. These can either be built into the design of the blind, or be a separate device included with your purchase. Modern blinds should have a safety device included as standard, to comply with the most recent legislation regarding child safety. Blinds, in particularly loose blind cords, can be extremely hazardous to young children. They create a serious risk of strangulation, especially with children aged 1-3 years old. Children at this age are more mobile hence they can access the cord with ease, yet they don't have the muscle strength to protect their throat and larynx. However, it is not just children of this age that are are risk, as children as old as 8 years old have been seriously injured by blind cords. So keep these safety tips in mind when considering roman blind kits:
  • Make sure any newly bought blinds come with the required safety device for the blind cord.
  • Ensure that this safety device is installed properly when the blind it fitted.
  • If you have an old blind without safety features, then either buy a safety device or replace the blind with a modern alternative. 
  • Move furniture such as beds, sofas and drawers away from windows that have blinds fitted. 
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