Black wooden venetian blinds

Black and grey wooden Venetian blinds not only offer a sophisticated look with classic appeal that never goes out of style, they also add extra thermal protection to your windows that aluminium blinds never could provide. Wood has a higher R value than aluminium shades, so you'll keep the house warmer in the winter by blocking the excess cold that often comes through the glass and makes the room uncomfortable.
35mm Primary Wood Venetian Blinds Noir Save 38%
35mm Primary Woods Noir
By choosing this range of wooden blinds you are able to select a number of different colour options. Slat sizes...
from £17.35
50mm Primary Wood Venetian Blinds Noir Save 38%
50mm Primary Woods Noir
This is a great range of quality wooden blinds, that are available in a wide range of colours. Slat sizes...
from £17.35