Blackout blinds

Many of our blackout blinds are not only good for areas where you want more protection from light, but also damp or humid areas, since many are made of moisture resistant material. They also offer a number of thermal properties, making them ideal for winter as well as summer. You'll love the wide range of colours that are sure to fit almost any palette, as well as the demure, sophisticated look they bring to the window. Roller blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds are all available with blackout options. A great selection of blinds for any room which is getting too much light.

Elements Blackout Roller Blind Avacado Save 55%
Denver Roman Blind Apple Save 45%
Denver Apple
from £27.49 £49.99
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Plain PVC Vertical Blind Lime Save 29%
Plain PVC Lime
from £30.69 £43.84
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Olympia Roman Blind Seafoam Save 45%
Olympia Seafoam
from £35.74 £64.99
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Willow Roman Blind Grass Save 45%
Willow Grass
from £38.49 £69.99
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Orla Kiely - Hydrangea Blackout Roller Blind Jade Save 18%
Orla Kiely - Rosebud Blackout Roller Blind Moss Save 18%
Orla Kiely - Owl Blackout Roller Blind Chalky Green Save 18%
Orla Kiely - Scribble Blackout Roller Blind Olive Save 18%
Orla Kiely - Two Colour Stem Blackout Roller Blind Olive Save 18%
Orla Kiely - Scribble Stem Blackout Roller Blind Seagrass and Duckegg Save 18%
Satin Roman Blind Duck Egg Plain Save 47%
Satin Duck Egg Plain
from £42.39 £79.99
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