Plain cream roller blinds

The smooth silky colour of our cream plain roller blinds makes a wonderful accent for any room. Cream is so sophisticated, but still has all the purity of white. It warms a room, unlike white, which can make a room cold looking and sterile. It also enhances both warm colours, such as brown, red or yellow and cool greens and blues. That's probably why it's so popular.

Kensington Plain Roller Blind Dove Save 30%
Kensington Plain Dove
from £9.79 £13.99
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Kensington Plain Roller Blind Oyster Save 30%
Kensington Plain Roller Blind Paper Save 30%
Kensington Plain Roller Blind Modesty Save 30%
Plain Blackout PVC Roller Blind Cream Save 28%
Comfort Sheer Plain Roller Blind Lace Save 38%
Ruby Roller Blind Gold Save 38%
Ruby Gold
from £22.31 £35.99
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Riviera Roller Blind Sand Save 38%
Riviera Sand
from £22.31 £35.99
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