Semi-plain beige roller blinds

While some call these blinds beige semi-plain roller blinds, we like to refer to them as blinds with understated elegance. Not only is beige a warm, but quite subdued colour, the pattern in these blinds are almost imperceptible. Some of the patterns are formed from the weave of the fabric, whether it's Jacquard style or woven bark-cloth, you'll add the texturing to your decor.
Arezzo Roller Blind Beige Save 30%
Arezzo Beige
from £9.79
Sicily Roller Blind Oyster Save 30%
Sicily Oyster
from £9.79
Turin Roller Blind Beige Save 30%
Turin Beige
from £9.79
Lily Roller Blind Mocha Save 38%
Lily Mocha
from £22.31
Malli Roller Blind Stone Save 38%
Malli Stone
from £22.31
Tevere Roller Blind Sand Save 38%
Tevere Sand
from £22.31
Ankara Blackout Roller Blind Beige Save 36%
Ankara Blackout Beige
from £25.59
Lambro Blackout Roller Blind Ecru Save 36%
Lambro Blackout Ecru
from £25.59
Bourges Roller Blind Biscotti Save 34%
Bourges Biscotti
from £44.26