Baby Poppy and the mysterious white noise

Bedtime nightmares

"Our biggest challenge is getting her to settlle down for a sleep during the day - she can be a complete monster if she doesn't sleep enough in the daytime!"

The Sandman's remedy: White noise

Combining the different frequencies of sound, white noise is said to soothe babies as it is thought to simulate the whooshing sounds they hear before birth, throughout their mother's pregnancy.

Happy ever after?

"White noise has been a godsend and I confess I didn't really appreciate how magical it was before having Poppy."

"Shortly after we brought her home, we used white noise to help soothe her. There are loads of options for white noise - we use a free app called Baby Sleep, that I have on my phone and tablet."


Vicki Dawson, founder of The Children's Charity, says...

"White noise can help some babies (and adults!) to fall asleep more easily. Keeping conditions consistent throughout the night is important, so if a child falls asleep listening to white noise it is useful to have it playing continuously until the morning.

"It can also be useful in masking out background noise, this can be beneficial at bedtime."

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