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...there were four young mums and their tiny terrors, for whom bedtime could be the stuff nightmares are made of. Tantrums, restlessness and refusals to go to bed were just some of the challenges they faced - what were they to do?

To help rescue our damsels in distress, we asked them to trial some of the nations' tried and tested bedtime routines, as voted by 2,000 Brits in our survey. When they asked sleep expert and CEO of Childern's Sleep Charity, Vicky Dawson, to provide insight on the method and results. 

So, did each mum get to sleep happily ever after? Or were they defeated by their little monsters?

Choose a story below to find out:

Title card reading: Little Lily and the curious strict routine
Title card reading: Mischievous Henry and the case for co-sleeping
Title card reading: Baby Poppy and the mysterious white noise
Title card reading: Thomas, Charlie and Joseph and the magical blackout blind

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