Cookies information

Cookies are small text files used by browsers and websites to try and make browsing easier and faster. Websites use cookies for things such as remembering user preferences, recording times spent on pages and what pages are visitied. Cookies cannot be used to spy on users or pose a security risk to the users computer.

How to manage cookies

You can easily manage your cookies within your browser. The cookie management settings within the browser allow users to set whether cookies are automatically allowed or restricted to certain trusted websites, or can be blocked completely.

For information on how to manage cookies on your browser, select the browser you use below.

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Note that blocking all cookies within your browser may increase website loading times and some websites may not function correctly.

Cookies used by Blinds Hut

Below is a list of the main cookies used by Blinds Hut and a brief description of their purpose.

Cookie Name Description
Stores user website preferences to refer to when a user re visits the website.
Fpc10002087261102 Stores user website preferences to refer to when a user re visits the website.
Is_returning Determines whether user is a new user or has visited the website before.
GreetingCookie Saves the name of last user logged into the website in order to display this on the homepage when the website is loaded again.
RefererCookie Determines the URL of the referring website.
store_language Determines the language for the user.
xid e-commerce software session cookie
xidC_remember e-commerce software session cookie

Analytics cookies

Cookie Name Description
Ywadp10002087261102 Yahoo Analytics
__utma Google Analytics
__utmb Google Analytics
__utmc Google Analytics
__utmz Google Analytics