Little Lily and the curious strict routine

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Bedtime nightmares

Some days it can be a real struggle to get Lily to go bed. She is at the age where she knows that it's bedtime and so she fights her sleep.

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The Sandman's remedy: Strict routine

A strict routine,where parents insist their children eat,sleep and carry out tasks at a certain time each day is thought to help aid a better nights' sleep-but did this work for cassie and Lily?
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Happy ever after?

"After looking at the top suggestions for helping your children get to sleep, I decided that we would try a strict routine, which started frist thing in the morning and went on until bedtime.

"I found we couldn't stick to the same routine all the time, but when we did it definitely helped her get to sleep and sometimes stay asleep for the whole night." 
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Vicki Dawson, founder of The Children's Charity, says...

"Bedtime routines are important to support children in having a good night's sleep, and such a routine needs to be planned in advance and must be consistent.

"Sticking to it can be diffcult. But, as Cassie found, when applied consistently it helped Lily to not only to go to sleep but to stay asleep. Routines can help to make children feel more secure, something that is very important at bedtime." 

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