Mischievous Henry and the case for co-sleeping

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Bedtime nightmares

"Getting Henry to bed isn't the problem - it's keeping him in there that is the real challenge! He generally makes it until about 1am without much fuss, but can then be up every hour. Which means I get very little sleep from then on and I'm almost certain he's looking for comfort."

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The Sandman's remedy: Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping involves sharing a room with your child in order for them to sleep more soundly.
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Happy ever after?

"I found I slept very lightly, but it was 3am before Henry woke up and a quick pat on the back was all he needed and he was back to sleep until 7.30am. That's like midday in parent terms. We all started the day with a family breakfast and much more organisation than we're generally accustomed to.

That night, we did the same again. He woke up the first time that night at 11pm and he slept until 6am. If I could go back in time, I think co-sleeping is something I wish I had explored explored earlier, and would consider it with a second baby."
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Vicki Dawson, founder of The Children's Charity, says...

"All families are different; however, it is crucial to know the guidelines on safe sleep and to take the right course of action to ensure that you and your child sleep in the safest way possible. The Lullaby trust have excellent factsheets available on this subject."

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