Blinds Hut Blogs

We have a wealth of knowledge here at Blinds Hut and knowledge is meant to be shared. Here you'll find a huge array of blogs that cover different aspects of home, lifestyle and obviously blinds! Design trends are constantly evolving and changing so we do our best to keep bringing content that is fresh, relevant and helpful.

Blinds Advice

Before making a purchase review our helpful content on blinds, including terminology and details on different blind types. We have a number of guides to help you choose, fit, fix and clean your new blind.

Blinds By Room

Picking a new blind can be tricky with so many types, styles and colours available. We've composed these guides to break it down into rooms and make things simpler for you whilst keeping to common design trends.

Lifestyle Blogs

As well as advice on blinds, we like to provide other useful information. Our lifestyle blogs contain a huge amount of knowledge and is being updated and added to on a regular basis. It's relevant to home or design then we'll cover it; everything from cleaning hacks to superhero lairs!