Thomas, Charlie and Joseph and the magical blackout blind

Title card reading: Thomas, Charlie and Joseph and the magical blackout blind
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Bedtime nightmares

"Our biggest nightmare has been getting the boys to settle at night when it's still light outside, coupled with the fact that they have a large window in their room where natural light shines through during both the morning and night"

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The Sandman's remedy: Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds prevent sleep from being disturbed by blocking both natural and synthetic light from coming through the window.
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Happy ever after?

"Having a blackout blind has been amazing as it covers all visible light from view and gives the boys a dark space to relax in. I've found that they're going to sleep quicker, as well as staying in bed longer in the morning. It has also helped to keep their room temperature to aid comfort."
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Vicki Dawson, founder of The Children's Charity, says...

"We produce the sleep hormone 'melatonin' when it's dark, so blackout blinds can be helful to aid sleep. In the early hours, we move into lighter REM sleep which means it is much easier to be woken up. Light creeping in, particularly during the summer months, could easily stir a sleeping child."

"Some children may find a darkened room frightening or disorientating. If you are going to use a nightlight, choose something with a dim glow that can be left on all night"

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